But I work during the hours when I would need to contact them

A few weeks ago I was talking with a sales trainer, lets call him Arie.  He works for 1 company and he is wanting to do some consulting work for other companies and he said something to me:

"But I work during the hours when I would need to contact them"

I told him I have a background in advertising and am developing a system for generating traffic and selling online and he was interested in me bringing him some inquiries along with doing some advertising for him.

Here is what I can report to him right now:

Dear Arie,

Thank you for expressing to me your interest in getting me to do your internet marketing.  Here's a brief summary of what I was able to obtain for you:

"I like this angle."
"That's perfect."
"Would he like to do a 20-25 minute interview on the topic?"
"He'll get 500-1000 unique downloads and we can mention any of his products on the interview."

There's plenty more where that came from.

I have a list of optimizations for your site, a list of verified topics and phrases your customers are using that you want to target, optimizations for your social media profiles, and testimonials about you that you have not had access to previously.
In addition I will give you a template for reaching people that inquire that will have people buying your products rather than you thrashing around because you can't be calling people when they can be reached.

Stop feeling worthless when trying to look for a business idea.

Solution to feeling like I was hounding people:
Encounter people I understand, that I know a typical example of, and already interact with.  Do stuff I already know they are interested in.  Dane Maxwell's system is not even the one he used, he established a relationship and was an employee with the people he got ideas from instead.  Otherwise, find someone who already has contact with the group.  Without a contact that can demonstrate and introduce, the market is not accessible.

Call reluctance

I have to call 400 responders a day to make a profit at my Job.  That means helping people get something they inquired about and dealing with the ones that are not available.

The way I've chosen to go about building my own business involves talking to the customer, finding a need, and developing the service.
That means contacting non-responders and asking them to participate. 

Its exhausting and mentally draining.